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This is the story

Why it started

We know how it feels to crave a poutine. We know how much of a struggle it is, especially, if you are not lucky enough to live in Quebec. That is why we created this website – to help you find the nearest poutine next to you.

First trials

This is the very first version, depending on the lockdown measures it might take more or less time to be fully operational.

Open source

I am a big fan of open source! This website is almost purely built with open source tools and for that we would like to thank: our contributors, OpenStreetMap contributors, Mapbox and HTLM5 up.

Your privacy matters

This project is created partly for fun and partly for an experiment. We don't want your data, we don't plan to sell it or use it against you. You can live your email voluntiry here to stay updated but that's the only private data we get from you. We do have Google Analytics tracking the country of users so that we have a small idea of who is checking it out. I guess we don't use cookies but that is not sure.


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