First poutine

September 4, 2014

First poutine
Angelina tries poutine for the first time in her life. Location: Pot au Feu, Sherbrooke.

Poutine in Europe

April 28, 2015

She moves back to Europe and realises that poutine in Europe does exist! She found one in Nice, Tallinn, Gdansk, Éstavayer-le-Lac. Now every time she visits a new city, she checks if there is a poutine place.

Birth of an idea

March 11, 2020

While travelling in Indonesia, she checks google if there are any poutine places in Jakarta, but the results are messy. Google replaces poutine places for regular snackbars. The search does not bring any success. That is at that moment that Angelina has an idea of creating a map that would have locations of ALL poutine cafés ALL over the world.

Domain mapoutine bought

April 1, 2020

Angelina buys a domain name mapoutine.com. Why mapoutine? Because “ma poutine” means “my poutine” in French and “map poutine” – means what it means.